• Tommy Amos

Haunted People

by Bobbie Atristain

The VGHRS has noticed a trend in the type of people that report paranormal phenomena. We are trying to figure out why some people experience a lot of paranormal phenomena and others experience none.

Putting the Theory to the Test:

Bobbie Atristain is currently conducting both online and telephone surveys to figure out if there is a common thread that all of the "haunted" people have in common.


I've finally concluded my research with Haunted People. For those of you who participated in the survey - thanks. I've finally published my first book that details my research entitled "Haunted People, Haunted Minds". You can check it out on the publisher's website @ The reason I consider people to be "haunted" is because in nearly 7 years of research with CPRI I've found that the people that we investigate tend to have a lot of paranormal experiences - and not limited to ghosts and hauntings - UFOs, seeing the Hand of God and Men in Black. I've also ran across people that had healing powers or could predict earthquakes. I've noticed some other trends and I'm trying to figure out what makes these certain people "attract" paranormal activity.

Also you can read research concerned with Seratonin and the Paranormal (click here to read) conducted by Robin Pyatt Bellamy from Para Researchers in Canada

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*Perinormal - Having previously been thought to be a paranormal phenomenon, but having since been scientifically verified as natural.