Pathway to Perinormal*

Bobbie Atristain founded the Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation in May of 2000.  CPRI is a non-profit organization based outside of Richmond, VA. We conduct research into the paranormal in a non-metaphysical manner.  We use strict SCIENTIFIC methods to obtain TANGIBLE data - Data that leaves no doubt about its origin, cause and effect.  We are committed to proposing new theories regarding the paranormal.  We also seek to educate the public about paranormal phenomena by sharing our research findings.  CPRI seeks to engage the public in a variety of ways and on a variety of fronts.


We are Virginia's oldest research society.


Haunted People
Haunted Minds
by Bobbie Atristain


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*Perinormal - Having previously been thought to be a paranormal phenomenon, but having since been scientifically verified as natural.